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HeyyBox iPhone Case Review

HEYYBOX iPhone Sailor Moon Case Review

Sailor Moon and Luna RGB Case for iPhone 14

Why Heyybox

Are you tired of simple, boring, bulky phone cases that just don’t give your phone that extra
protection and quirky style it deserves? Here is the revolution of smart iPhone cases by Heyybox. Their cases don’t just protect your device they have this stunning LED light feature, bringing it to life! With this eye catching light show you’ll definitely be impressed for sure!


Are you an anime fan? Gamer? A lover of neon LED lights? or simply inspired by anime/manga and it’s artwork? Then Heyybox is the one online store you need to check out!
Saying a new take on a phone case doesn’t cut it, these smart awesome feature cases actually change neon flashing colours! It clicks into your charge port as you put the case on, clicking the top half into position you’re all set for a glowing neon light show.


This case doesn’t just have 1 or 2 colours, it has 7 different colour flashing lights with intelligent voice control chip! I mean that’s just insane right? So futuristic. Usually with certain phone cases they can change from a clear or white into a yellow with use, however I can say with certainty that this case does not yellow over time or with usage, making this transparent frame stay clear and 100% pristine with no discolouration at all. Do not fret about this case using your phones battery and it draining fast, the LED case has 80,000 + hours of life! Some phone accessories drain so much of your battery life, however this unique case only uses 1% of  your battery! How crazy is that! So you can keep using until you are ready to top that charge up again using the cable provided, (which is also free btw). Giving it more time for you to show off and tell everyone how awesome these cases actually are. Impressing all your friends and even on social media to captivate others attention on how truly cyberpunk and cool these cases are. Don’t forget to tag them to show how much you love their products.


Using high quality art print to create a custom looking background image these cases stand out with a grade A condition, from the artist Trsgatos. The Sailor Moon and Luna RGB Case for the iPhone 14 was the one I was sent, the contrast of all sailor colours are used which keeps in touch with the tv anime’s aesthetic. You can tell their design plan is well thought out for sure.  Sleek and ultra thin so not a handful when it comes to handling your phone which makes it easier to use and hold.


A good company always takes quality packaging into consideration. Heyybox shows they care with using eco friendly and 100% reusable and recyclable materials. Included in the package you will receive a free data cable; magnetic charging. Also inside the package you’ll get some cool anime free stickers! How considerate and caring to all customers are they?! #Heyyboxcares


Deliveries from HeyyBox is super fast and speedy! My gifted item came with an email notification letting me know it would be delivered that day with yodel tracking, listing all the details of how long and where it had been in transit. Also a mobile number for my delivery driver along with when it would be delivered to me! They ship worldwide. They also offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee with their cases. Products within warranty will be quickly replaced or exchanged at no cost with the same item or a product of equal value. If you order during the day, they will ship same day, how great is that?!.


We all put cases on our devices to protect and self-express our interests and/or personal style, so why not have both in one and turn your phone rear into an LED anime light show?
When it comes to protecting our phones we tend to want to keep it safe and well looked after. So looking for a good sturdy case is always a must. With Heyybox phone cases you are guaranteed safety and Drop-proof 360! So rest assured there is plenty of protection provided.


So if you are an anime or gamer fan just like me then HeyyBox is 100% the phone case you need!
They have so many different options available on their store from fan favourites to the latest creation from them. So why not go and check out their vast range of phone cases including this Sailor Moon LED dream case on their online store or even have a nosey on their Instagram @HEYYBOX today! I know for sure I am impressed. #brightenupmyday

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