Hello Kitty Autofull Gamer Chair Review

The exquisite pink Hello Kitty chair from Autofull is everything you need and more for hours of playtime and extreme comfort. This adorable product is simply just beautifully crafted. It's the no. 1 Hello Kitty Gamer chair and you need to hear about it!

- pics by @evesaraeden

Auto Full Review Hello Kitty Chair

Choosing a gamer chair has to be well thought-out and the choice has to be something you will enjoy for as long as you have it. They can be expensive, not comfortable, hard to build and you don't really get to test them out before purchasing. It's 100% a commitment to have a gamer chair, set-up and lifestyle. So let me narrow it down for you and let you know all about the Hello Kitty Gamer Chair of the Year from Autofull.

- chair @autofull_official

The Chair

Ok, so let's just talk about this Dream of Dream Kawaii chairs. From the pink suede arm cushions to the milk bottle cartoon styled back rest, this gamer chair will have you in full comfort and 100% pink gaming mode for 24 hours! I do agree that by combining the baby pink and white tones through-out this product, it is definitely for the cute 'girly girl' vibe only. I am living for it! Who says you can't go over the top and have full Hello Kitty Merch and a matching gamer chair! So just go for it, and combine it with this soft pink chair from Autofull.

Building The Chair

Sometimes it can be apprehensive to build something as big as this on your own. The best way you can avoid having problems is to read through the multi-language assembly guide (with photos at each step) provided in the detailed manual, taking your time to make sure all components are there, helping you through it with ease! If you have purchased the Hello Kitty chair you can find a building video on  my Instagram @evesaraeden to see my quick build video. In the package, you will find all the tools needed to assemble the chair so don't worry about not having the tool kit handy, they have you covered. Absolutely everything you need is in the box and ready to go; hex keys commonly known as (allen keys) and bolts all provided, no other tool is required. So, as soon as you receive your order, you can crack on and begin building right away!


Autofull pride themselves on clever design, which can be seen, 100% in their products. The brand has decades of experience, and their designs are well thought out and carefully brought to life. They have combined different textures in the Hello Kitty cartoon back rest, which was a smart move, separating the rest of the features this chair comes equipped with. Additionally, they have included impeccable white stitching on the arm rest bow cushions. This particular gamer chairs features are -

  • RECLINE - 170°
  • ROCKING - 15°

There is additional room for extra comfort, combined with the fantastic design structure. The real feel is in having the product, I can only tell you from personal experience what a joy this chair is to have and game in.


To build such an exquisite product, the proper materials have to be taken into consideration, Autofull has designed this chair with an assortment of quality fabrics. These are the key materials used -

  • CHAIR COVER MATERIAL - EPU Synthetic Leather
  • BASE - Sturdy Nylon Base
  • FRAME - Steel frame
  • CASTERS - PU Caster
  • GAS LIFT CLASS - 4 Class
  • FOAM TYPE - High density PU moulded foam
  • ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR CUSHION - Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADREST - Premium Memory Foam Headrest Cushion

The Brand

Established in 2014, This world class leading brand had designed for top professional events and even sponsored top pro-teams! Creating products of the highest quality which are loved by many. Autofull has also have been a part of big events such as CES, E3, China Joy and Computex. This brand really know their stuff and rightfully should be recognised for it.


For a Grade A Gamer chair they can be very pricey sometimes, so make sure you look for any deals that are available at the moment. On Autofull's website
they often have promotional codes to promote holidays and events, or even to coincide with the Anniversary of a cartoon character. The chair itself comes in at £499, however, discounts can allow you to get the chair for a steal, so it is worth hunting for a code! Not forgetting they have a warranty for up to 3 years, for mechanisms and moving parts, (This does not including wear and tear) so be aware of this, just in case anything happens and you have to contact the company direct.


Perfect for gaming, comfortable for hours and a relaxing feel. This chair comes with not just one cushion but five! Arm rest cushions, seat cushions, back rest cushions and head rest cushions, it's the best decadent, extra soft plushie relaxing pink chair to date! Comprising of both cotton and suede, it's super soft and all round smooth to touch. I find that when you are looking for a gamer chair your bum can get a little sore for sitting for hours (You know what I mean by that, right!), however on the contrary this chair has successfully eradicated this problem. The addition of a seat cushion on top of the leather seat has allowed this chair to be gentle to sit on for a lengthy amount of time, with no soreness thanks to it not being hard at all!

Instructions For Using The Chair

Provided and attached to the chair itself are instructions on using the foot rest safely and to avoid falling during use. They suggest that you should not use the foot rest when the chair is in the upright position, as it can lead to stepping on the foot rest, causing the chair to fall forward (and a potential injury!). So try avoid it and stick to what's safe, please do not test this theory out, you may end up with something sore and feel very daft for trying it!


I honestly cannot get over this Pink Kawaii Dream Gamer Chair from Autofull, they have taken everything into consideration when making the customer/user happy and satisfied. I have written this review with complete ease, thanks to the design and comfort provided by this overall pink scream of a chair. I think to have this chair you have to go big or go home! It's a big lifestyle choice to dedicate yourself to having so much pink, and a certain type of style in the room of your choice. I have a kawaii pink vaporwave room, (images and reviews coming soon!) making this a perfect fit for my aesthetic. Overall if I had to rate this chair, it's a solid 10!

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