Finding Eden With Eve About Page

Finding Eden With Eve is a fashion, beauty, and travel blog created by Eve McIntosh, featuring unique styles ranging from casual, Y2K, street-style, formal, and more. I will incorporate designer brands, high-street, indie, and even the obscure allowing me to showcase a large scope of different outfit ensembles keeping your look fashionable and fresh. In my articles, you will find new product features, clothing reviews, shoes, jewellery, accessories, lingerie, and more.

Finding Eden With Eve will also offer a selection of beauty tips and tricks to help girls (and guys) look their best using different make-up brands and techniques.

Travel is my passion, so much of my content will focus on my trips within the UK and worldwide (incidentally, this is how the name Finding Eden With Eve was born). I will create regular content in this sector, offering hotel reviews, holiday destinations, flights, restaurants, and events.

Eve (from Finding Eden With Eve) is an Internationally published model, featured on the front cover of multiple magazines and on inside spreads. Eve is flexible and can bend and stretch into visually dynamic shapes and positions, making dramatic-looking imagery paired with a heavily inked body, creating memorably iconic photography and videos.

findinredenwitheve.comย may receive brand and store sponsorships discussing their products and collections.