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Streetzies Slippers Review


Streetzies Bunny Slippers

Brand Background

Are you looking to add some glam to your footwear collection? Check out the
Streetzies White Rabbit Slippers in my new review.

Streetzies have been around for some years, founded in 2010 and instantly causing
a stir thanks to their fluffy rabbit footwear! They offer a large selection of styles in
various colours (and animal types!). The brand hit the big time in 2016 when they
were featured in Vogue, broadcasting these cute shoes to an even bigger audience!


The White bunny slippers’ name is misleading in that they are just as suitable to
wear out and in the comfort of your own home (as the slipper name suggests!). They
offer a 4.5-inch heel which gives a not-insignificant extra height when worn. The front
section features a peep-toe construction allowing you to add some extra flair with
fancy painted toes!

If you are reading this, you are undoubtedly here for the bunny design! They look
lovely in online images, but after seeing the slippers in person, they certainly do not
do them the justice they deserve! Streetzies have used faux fur to create the rabbit head, its ears, nose, and face are very fluffy and furry, albeit the shape is still well-
defined. The eyes stand out well thanks to a mix of black and pink colouring in contrast to the bright white fur.

The remainder of the shoe is made using a soft sateen for the heel stem and the toe
section of the insole. The heeled area is a typically beige colour (used by most
designer shoe brands) which has the Streetzies name embossed in gold lettering,
and the underside follows suit with a matching beige colour.


As mentioned, the slippers can be worn at home or out on the town (Even during office hours if that takes your fancy!). They have been designed to be worn
anywhere, and the fact they are super comfortable to wear for an extended period of
time (and are heels) shows that this has been taken into consideration during the
design process.
You could wear these with almost anything and still look good, dressed down in your
PJs or paired with a dress to really cause a stir! The options are endless.


For sizing, I chose my typical size of a UK 3 (US 5), which fit perfectly and
comfortably without being too snug. Select your usual size when placing your order.


Value For Money

As soon as you hold the slippers in your hand, any doubts about the high-price point
will disappear. The quality on show is obviously apparent throughout the whole
construction, with very few, if any, flaws to be seen. One of the few clothing items I
find that you need to spend money on is footwear (and I’m not just saying that as I
love shoes! Although that does help!), as a well-made pair can last for years if
treated with kid gloves and looked after and Streetzies shoes fall into that category.


The shoes arrived in a stunning all-white glossy box; a gorgeous white ribbon is used
to seal the box shut, adding to the glam appeal. Slipping the fabric from the
packaging and removing the lid will reveal the shoes are laid out elegantly and ready
to be worn by their new owner. The brand has also included a little brush used to
comb over the faux fur of your brand-new purchase (keeping them nice and fresh).

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this review on my women’s style blog then, you are certainly almost at the point of purchase anyway? However, if you have any reservations, please allow me to dispel them for
you! The Streetzies Slippers will be a fantastic addition to your footwear collection –
the cute-looking bunny faces, the heel height, the quality construction, and the
numerous outfit ensembles available when wearing them are enough to convince a
purchase! Overall, top marks from me!




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