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Spectrum Collections Glam Clam Bag And Brush Review

 Spectrum Collections Glam Clam Bag and Brush Set

Longevity is a testament to the craftsmanship of a product , spectrum collections Glam Clam shell bag is not only stylish and highly feminine but inside hold the most beautiful soft makeup brushes for all makeup lovers. This bag is so on trend at the moment. For an everyday use to even packing it up and taking it with you for some touch ups while you are out.

Glam clam Bag

An elegant touch of pearls on the gold chain strap clashes well and adds that flair to the beige colour tones through out this bag. An added pearl, jewelled zipper opens the makeup bag to see the stunning brushes inside. This is compacted with silky soft bristled brushes to tend to every area of your face wither it is lips, eyebrows, or blush. This brush set is made from the highest quality synthetic Taklonhair. The bristles are velvety soft and oh so gentle on the most sensitive skin. 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free! What’s not to love about that?

The glam clam makeup bag is made with 100% polyurethane both outer and lining. The bag includes a ten piece set such as co7 – multi complexion, AO5- Angled Cheek, DO4 – Dewy Foundation, BO8 – Magic Wand, A29 – Mini Paddle , BO6 – Tall Tapered Blender, A12 – Fluffy Pencil, A28 -Flat Fluffy Shader, A16 – Precision Crease, A24 – Brow Styler. Perfect for those average and more flamboyant makeup looks to be created.


Each brush is individually inserted into a plastic cover to protect them and keep them fresh on arrival. They are placed into elastic inserts inside the bag holding them in place. I kept them tucked away inside their covers until I was ready to use them!

Cleaning your makeup brushes

Taking care of your bristles starts with making sure they are protected in storage. That’s why this glam bag is essential for keeping them safe. At home, keep them covered to prevent dust from accumulating by using the clam shell bag they came in. Keeping them covered will also protect them from other air- borne pollutants that can cause bacteria or harm.

For longer life brushes we makeup enthusiasts know that looking after them is necessary. Brushes stay softer and last longer when they are regularly cleaned. Makeup brushes can also be expensive, so the cleaner you keep them, the more you can save in the long run. Wash your brushes with baby shampoo or I personally would recommend even a facial cleanser to gently wash them. This is softer on the bristles and it’s much better to use I find on spectrum collection brushes. Clean once a week to keep them in tip top shape and you’ll be able to have them fresh for those everyday makeup looks.

What to avoid

The number one thing to avoid when it comes to keeping your brushes healthy? Heat and humidity. I like to keep them away from the bathroom for storage as they tend to absorb moisture and humidity. Don’t over expose your brushes to high levels of heat the bristles will singe and ruin your brushes!


A tale of two sisters. Spectrum collections was founded by Sophie and Hannah in April 2014, their company was created from scratch in a garage in Barry , South Wales, UK. Since then growing globally and being recognised for their bold makeup tools and accessories, upheld with the highest standard premium quality. Loved by not only consumers but core brands as well. They are now distributed widely with a range of partners including  Boots, Superdrug, Beauty Bay, ASOS, Zealand’s, and Amazon.


I highly recommend this gorgeous bag and set! Are you looking to add to your personal collection? Already decided this is the perfect product for you? Head over to their website and grab one quick while you can! It’s definitely a 10/10 for me.




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