Styling A Denim Spring Dress 2024

Looking for a new spring look? Denim is in. In this new article I'll tell you all about this denim dress I wore for spring 2024.

Eve Sara's Spring Denim Dress 2024

Denim Spring Dress

I've had this denim dress in the back of my wardrobe for about a year. Always waiting for the right moment or season to wear it. This spring was the perfect time, I just adore a clean look. By using a nice pair of heels and a snug UK size 4 denim dress with only wearing hold ups it was clean, sexy and oozed confidence for spring 2024. This dress is from New Look , as are most items I love in my wardrobe. It's perfect for my size as I am petite and slim. Some denim dresses similar to the one I am wearing you may like are:


I got these tan Mary Janes from @asos and I have had them since last summer, but for those that know me, you know I keep great pride in keeping my shoes in great condition. So these were still essentially brand new when wearing them again. I loved how this tan clashed with the blue tone of the denim and the buttons on the dress. If you are looking for your own tan Mary Janes to wear with your denim dress, here are a few of my suggestions:

Props And Backdrop

Once more, because I am in awe with my boho living room aesthetic, so I used this as my base. I love how all the tones match in, and it's just such a nice zen environment to use for my final looks. This really works well with the blue denim dress I have on, making me stand out in the pictures more! Flowers for spring is a must, so for this outfit look I used a nice bunch of white tulips. Taking one out of the bunch to hold in some of my pictures for a cute but sexy vibe.

Photos By @youraverageguystyle

Photos By

Wondering who takes these awesome shots of me? Adam my partner in sin along with everything else, helps me out to take some amazing shots of not just fashion but of my weird and wonderful creative imagination, bringing them all to light. you can find him at @youraverageguystye on social medias. Also his own men's fashion blog here. You can also see more photosets of us as a power couple on both our social medias or on my Onlyfans page for some spicier content of us both together too!

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Know How To Pose

As a female model I have spent many years in the industry and worked with many, many photographers. So posing actually comes quiet natural to me and aways has. My go to, is the more relaxed yet moody type of posing in my fashion or outfit posts. Having long legs (I really am just all leg! - face palm moment, lol) I use it to my advantage in posing, especially with a dress and heels. It accentuates how long they really are, making for a nice, classy and sexy set of photos. Maybe I should start following and doing the "how to pose" trend on social media? I'd really like to start doing these types of reels! Would you like to see me do them? If so check more out @evesaraeden on Instagram and let me know what you think?

Final Say On This Look

These were so nice to do. This dress fitted perfectly for a spring outfit this year. Want to see more of my outfits, then click the outfit section on my website to see my latest trends. Overall I really am happy with how this outfit turned out, and I'm glad I got to finally wear this dress this spring for 2024! Denim dresses are so in for spring, and I'd love to add more of them to my wardrobe aesthetic for sure! I hope you enjoyed this article, till next time.

Eve <3

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