My Easter Bunny Aesthetic 2024

Looking for a new Easter bunny vibe? I'll tell you how I created this bunny with attitude look for this easter 2024.

Eve Sara's Easter Bunny Aesthetic

The Bunny Hood

Wanting to create a more moody and high fashion easter look, my thoughts were to make this tie-in with all of my other content, which is earth tones or tans/beige colours. This hood comes in white as well as the tan. I found this bunny rabbit hood on Amazon for fairly cheap so I wanted to create something extravagant from it. This hood was surprisingly great, considering it's price and that it was from Amazon. It has a Velcro strap at the front that fits snug around your head and does not scratch or rub against your face. The ears have wires through them, making them adjustable to where you want them to sit and flop, to give a new expression to them each time.

Shoes from @asos
@evesaraeden Wearing Mary Jane Shoes from @asos

The Shoes

So, I knew straight away that I had the perfect shoes to go with this look. My Mary janes from Asos that I've had for a while now, just really set in that old 90s vibe to this set. I also used these shoes for my denim spring look; click here to check this denim outfit out. These tones worked well together in creating this easter chocolate bunny look. Here are a few suggestions of mine for your own tan shoes to add in to your look:

Eve Sara's Boho Livingroom Design

Props And Background

For this I don't give a f*** bunny vibe, the background I used was actually my living room! As a sucker for some props, using some of my Vouge magazines was a perfect trendy style to match in with this high fashion bunny photography artwork that I created. Opening them on pages that fitted the colour tones to my whole creation. I came up with this idea at random as I do with many of my creative outfits. Executing them is a whole new thing, having it in your head and bringing them to real life is another. So I am really pleased that this turned out exact!

Additional Items

Adding in those small details is key when being so creative. For my additional items I used my lady zippo and a black cigarette. This really brought the whole image to a new level of life. You can find these black cigs online from an individual seller on eBay. They may have to be imported from online websites. To top the attitude off, I put a pair of hexagon retro sunglasses on for that added drama. Looking for a pair of your own, here are some ideas:

The Overall Look

These are some of my new favourite photos now. I loved how this all tied in together and I really got to showcase my personal ideas in creating this new easter bunny aesthetic. I think personally, it was executed in the way I wanted, it looks just as well in these pictures as it did in my head. I do love using my own vision to make these style of images and I will be sure to share with you guys on what I will do next.

Hair And Makeup By @evesarseden

Final Say

Like this set? Then head to my social media to see more! Let me know what you think of this style and these images and if I should do more like this? My crazy creativity is one of my talents that I am proud of and I love sharing it with you guys <3. I'm already thinking of a new bunny look and it's not even next easter yet!

Eve <3

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