Hello Kitty Bershka Platform Trainers Review

In my newest review, I will tell you all about these Hello Kitty Bershka Platform Trainers and how I styled them with my own Hello Kitty Outfit.

Hello Kitty Bershka Platform Trainers

The shoes

The shoes every Hello Kitty fan should have in their wardrobe; you cannot go wrong with a pair of these Bershka Kawaii Hello Kitty sparkly platform trainers. Every detail on these shoes is just so cute! From the Hello Kitty diamante face to the pastel pink leather trims. A true statement for all Sanrio lovers, these platforms are not just for style but are so comfy to wear and walk in, ticking all the boxes with wearability and Harajuku style, all in one.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty birthed in Japan in 1975, is a fictional character created originally by Yuko Shimizu. Also known by her real name Kitty White and is owned by the Japanese company Sanrio. In 1976 Setsuko Yonekubo temporarily took over as lead designer for Hello Kitty, after Shimizu left Sanrio. In 1980 Yuko Yamaguchi became lead designer and has remained in charge since. Hello Kitty was born on November 1st in the suburbs of London, England, so a British Kitty living with her family. She also had a twin sister with a yellow bow called Mimmy. Created for young and teen girls in the 90s, this character quickly grew and even adults like myself today are massive Hello Kitty fans.


Don’t forget to always check US sizes to UK. You can do this on the Bershka online website when selecting your shoe choice. The ones I am wearing are actually a 2.5 UK size, so tiny feet! They are truly a snug fit though and well worth it. Easy to walk in, and laces-up for a tight fit, no slipping out when walking or wearing. Choosing the right size makes this so much better and comfortable for your feet.


Good craftmanship when making a pair of shoes is key. The materials used to create these awesome shoes are:

These materials used make your shoes long lasting and quiet resilient. Some are flexible and are capable of bending or adapting to your foot shape for easy wear.


I actually thought that these platform trainers would have been a bit more expensive due to the Hello Kitty branding. However, they are very reasonable coming in at only £50! (Others on their site are a generally a little higher priced) Well worth the price for a great stylish pair of Hello Kitty or Sanrio platforms! Grab a pair before it's too late.

About Bershka

Bershka is a brand for the younger generation, growing with public demand and established in 1998. This brand is so in style at the moment, and many influencers my age are using their products for a cool, edgy style in their fashion looks. In just 2 years Beshka's brand image appeared in 100 shops! In 18 years, has more than 1000 stores in over 70 markets. That's amazing, right?! Bershka's design team is made up from more than 60 professionals, who are continuously assessing the needs, desires and demands of consumers, and offering more than 4,000 different products in their shops each year. BSK, a brand that listens to the public and designs to dress us well.

How I styled My outfit

Styling my Hello Kitty Kawaii, grunge outfit was easy. I already owned the Bershka Hello Kitty fluffy black jumper with the matching logo to the shoes. I just added a simple black satin plaid skirt, and these Sanrio black Hello Kitty face fishnet tights. To top it off, I added knee-high black socks for an added cute effect. I'm a sucker for a prop (as in many of my shoots), so for this style I just had to include one of my Hello Kitty plush teddys to show off this overall Hello Kitty styled outfit.


Bershka have a vast range of Sanrio products, I highly recommended checking them out. Full of Kuromi and Hello Kitty goodies, they even have these platforms in a Black Kuromi version! Here are some of the products I would recommend checking out to style your own outfit with:

These are some great products to help you style your new Bershka platform trainers. Let me know what you choose to stye your own Bershka outfit?!


Looking after your shoes is essential; the better care you take of them, the more wear you will get out of them. Here are some tips on how to keep your new Bershka Hello Kitty trainers in ti- top shape:

  • Do not wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not submerge in water.

You could try an anti-septic leather wipe with a dry cotton cloth on the leather or clean with a soft brush or a hard sponge. Apply colourless wax or white wax on the existing coloured leather areas. Suede or nubuck leather can be protected with treatment sprays or dust repellents to ensure the safety of the fabrics, keeping your shoes in great shape.


Sometimes with companies you can have a wait period, and all you want to do is wait by the door and try on your new products as soon as possible. With Bershka you don’t have much wait time, and you’ll be slipping into a pair of these trainers sooner than you think! I only had a two day wait period, and I was so excited for them to arrive in the same week I ordered them! Make sure you choose the right delivery option upon your purchase for fast shipping, depending on which county you are located in.

Final Say

I just adore these trainers. From the colour choice, how high the platform is to the sparkly Hello Kitty face diamond details. I've wanted these platforms for a long time now, so now I have them, I can’t recommend a pair of these enough! Every Sanrio lover needs a pair of these in their wardrobe. Check out my social media @evesaraeden to see more photos and videos of these awesome platform trainers.

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