Modelones Polygel Nail Set Review 2024

In this review I’ll let you know how my personal experience with polygel went, using this nail set from Modelones.

Modelones Polygel Nail Set Review 2024

If you follow my blog or social media you will see that I am a nail addict. A lover of the design and fine detail along with how many different ways to make a nail using gel, polygels and/or acrylics. I have them done for every occasion. Sometimes just for fun in creating new and trendy nails.

Modelones Polygel Nail Colour Tubes

The PolyGel

Personally, this is a new found love! I can’t believe I haven’t used polygel until now. Effortless application and feather light. This is as close to creating normal real nails! The polygel tubes come in a vast range of colours, so you are never restricted! The gel is thick in substance, yet easy to apply.

The Modelones Packaging

This nail kit comes in a nice matt black box, with the Modelones logo on the top and front. A detailed in white description of the contents of the box on the top, just under the logo, so you can make sure of what is inside and double check the same products are in there.

Inside the Modelones Mini Nail Polygel Set

The Contents

Upon opening the box make sure all that is listed is inside, there should be:

  • X10 polygel tubes
  • A black nail file
  • A two side spatula and brush
  • x5 glitter tubes
  • A decal strip
  • Mini pink UV nail lamp
  • x2 clips
  • Top coat and base coat

I mean it's a lot for the size of this mini box! But that just adds to how great this little set actually is!

How to use

Easy step by step process, these can be found online or by the brands that you are buying from. Here is my step by step for you:

  • Clean your nails
  • File down and trim
  • Apply a fine layer or base gel coat
  • Cure for 60 seconds
  • Take the right size or mould for your fingers and apply a large pea sized amount onto the underside of the mould by using the spatula tool
  • Even out to the desired size using the brush and acrylic solution
  • Place on top of the intended nail and push down, repeat on all nails
  • Take your brush with some solution and clean away any excess polygel on all nails
  • Place the clip to hold in place over the top of the mould and finger
  • Place your fingers under the UV light for 60 seconds
  • Peal off the plastic mould and shape your nail to what you want
  • File down any excess and smooth the nail
  • Apply a coat of base gel again on top
  • Cure for up to 60 seconds
  • Apply a coat of top coat
  • Cure for up to 60 seconds
  • Enjoy your new shiny kawaii nails!
Acrylic Solution Modelones

An added tip:

Sometimes with certain colours I use, I like to apply a top coat again of matt, this gives a lovely touch and effect to your nails. Also the acrylic solution is needed in doing polygel nails, you cannot do it without.

Top Coat And Base Coat

Similar products

Here are some similar products you could use or check out for doing some polygel nails such as:

Usually in any of my perfume reviews or jobs, I tend to let my readers and fans know that I do encourage them to check out what is in the products they are using just in case of any allergic reactions that may occur. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Final Product

So here is a look at my new nails and my first ever attempt at using polygel. To be honest, I’m quite proud of how these turned out, especially since it was my first time in using this type of product. Safe to say, I will now be using polygel going forward; no more acrylic for me! (Can’t believe I just said that!)

To sum up

This has to be one of my favourites to use now. Easy to apply a few simple steps and works so well for me in general. Being a female influencer, I like to always have a fresh set of claws done and this makes things so much better for me. No more time consuming applications and I can spend more time on my content and articles now! Let me know how your experience goes with using the polygel?

Modelones Mini Polygel Nail Set 2024

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