Creation Furniture Table Review

Looking for a new vintage yet modern coffee table? In this new review, I'll tell you all about this round mango wooden industrial style table by Creation Furniture.

Creation Furniture Coffee Review

A picture of Creative Furniture Mango wood industrial coffee table in Boho Livingroom.
Eve Sara's Boho Livingroom Décor

The Coffee Table

Modern yet industrial design, this vintage styled coffee table from Creation Furniture brings a light Boho feel to any living room area. From a centre feature or an interior design perspective this table has all the right qualities. The latch table top feature is a great twist to this style for storing all your bits and bobs inside. I went with storing my cushions and throws to keep them in good quality condition while I’m not using them.

A picture of Eve Sara using the Creation Furniture Mango wood coffee table.
Mango Wood Industrial Coffee Table Storage.

Coffee Table Storage

If you like cutting down on clutter and like to keep things clean and simple the industrial storage space is a great way for you to keep things organised. This is a great way to minimalise your clutter and keep a clean living space. The coffee table opens on the top one side, to a bigger space you can fit all your bits and bobs in. Storing your blankets and excess throw pillows. Creating a more minimal living area to your design needs.

Creation Furniture Background

This table is from Creation Furniture, an edgy, yet modern furniture company catering to all customer tastes. Created by a small passionate group of friends, this young company’s goal is to create your dream interior home that you can be proud of. Focusing on using natural materials and turning them into stylish unusual shapes and designs, then crafting it into beautiful furniture you can be happy of to have in your home. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter for this company holds! As a home style enthusiast, I think that this company really deserves the most respect for bringing your home design needs as their best interests for creating these unique visually stunning interior elements together.


Mango wood is known for its variety of colours, so you can look forward to a tabletop that is absolutely unique in terms of colour gradient and grain! This table also comes in grey so if white metal doesn’t suit your look then you should check the grey metal and mango wood out, it even comes in mango copper! Matching with the mango wooden top.

Style With

Buying a coffee table is one thing, but styling it with something else is another. Why not pair this table with some of their other stylishly made pieces such as:

Just a few suggestions for your own modern yet vintage home décor style. Mixing and matching with some of these classic pieces to style your home gives it a real edge in creating a high quality home feel and look. Whether you are into interior design or to wow your family and friends.


Reasonably priced compared to other brands in the same field. This mango wood industrial coffee table holds it's value with great craftsmanship. You are paying for the quality of the furniture, so taking this into consideration on the overall cost means that you are paying a reasonably good price when it comes to Creation Furniture products.

How To Look After This Table

Taking care of your new mango wood coffee table is not as tricky as you might think. Here are some tips to keeping this Creation Furniture coffee table in tip top condition.

A picture of Eve Sara using the Mango wood industrial coffee table by Creation Furniture.
@evesaraeden Using The Creation Furniture Storage Coffee Table.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this coffee table is a great feature in my boho and modern living room space, exceeding the expectations of others as I really push the boundaries of my interior design. As a very house proud women and a female fashion blogger, I am now happy to have this coffee table from Creation Furniture's impeccably talented team. To see more of how this table looks and functions, check out my social media @evesaraeden to see all photos and videos.


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