5 Ways To Deal With Grief

Losing a loved one can be devastating and even though there is no cure, there are ways to help you cope with loss. In this article I will tell you 5 healthy ways to deal with your grief.

5 Ways To Deal With Grief


Losing someone can be more painful for some people than others. Grief isn’t something that will just go away, nor is the pain of losing someone or a pet. This hurts as well as the loss that we feel for our beloveds in many ways. We all go through loss as a part of life, and finding the right way when your head is clouded is a struggle itself. We are all here to support each other, and our loved ones in a time like this. You don't have to go through that suffering alone, so here are some tips on how you could cope with your grief.

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Speak Out

Never think that you are alone in this. Be it talking with your friends of family or getting professional help in counselling; you should speak about your grief and lost loved one to help you come to terms with the loss. Never go through a trauma alone, find help in anyway you can to help you cope. There are multiple helplines and even text apps available to speak to someone about how you are doing. You will maybe go through an isolation period where you might not be up to feeling chatty. However, you don't have to, you could use a text system and that way if you aren't ready to show face to others, there is still someone on the other side of a phone to help you through this dark time.

Remember Good Memories

Remembering all the good times you have had with that person or people can be a way to cope with what feeling you may be going through. You could try looking at photographs, videos or something you have of theirs to remember them by. Another good way of remembering the good memories is to speak to other friends or family members who know the person/persons you have lost. Compare maybe funny light hearted stories with one another and this will help you to cope and know you are not alone in your feelings.

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Don’t be alone

Another good coping mechanism is to surround yourself with supportive people to help you through the trauma. Supportive behaviour encourages us to heal over time with our grief. Surrounding yourself with positive people is key in maintaining healthy mental behaviour. Seek out like minded people or if you are going to counselling, speak out to your therapist and tell them how isolated with your grief that you feel.


Sometimes even having something that smells of that person can help. Maybe it’s your grandmothers perfume or your mothers cardigan or your fathers work coat. Having these things close to us can be of a helpful impact. You still have that smell to connect with. When it comes to trauma or PTSD, certain smells can be a trigger. Why not try turn this into a coping mechanism instead?

Some Healing Time

Sometimes when we go through a loss we tend to isolate ourselves and  sometimes this can work well if you do it in a healthy way. You could take a little trip somewhere with a loved one to help you both heal, or even for them to support you, so you are away from all of the bad. A little RnR may be a way of finding a better headspace for you, so you can process things better? A clearer head might just help with coming to terms with such a loss because you do not have all the excess noise round about you, as you take time to heal.

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I hope that these are good ways to help you in your progress to heal or to make you feel more comfortable about the loss in your life. Life isn't easy, and when it comes to a hard time, we have to deal with our feelings and emotions as best as we can. Remember, you are never alone in dealing with your grief. Seek out the help you need to get through until you can manage it on your own in a healthy way.

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