What’s Going On In My Life? 2024

Here’s a little article and update for you guys. A real insight into my personal and home life.

A picture of Eve in her boho style living-room reading.
Reading Dante's Inferno

What Is going on in my life?

So as much as I write, I never write anything to tell you guys about what is going on in my life. I have now added a new personal blog section for you readers of mine, to check out about my home life or lifestyle. You will be able to read all updates and what is happening in my daily life, under the section personal blog.

A picture of Eve at Troon beach wearing LGR sunglasses.
Wearing LGR sunglasses

Plans For This Year

So my plans this year include a family holiday with Isaac and more traveling for my travel blog side of things. You can read about my holidays under the Travel section on my website. Isaac wants to go somewhere hot, and sunny at the beach and that suits me fine!

Another plan for this year is to do more gardening and home DIY/decorating. I've been working on my house for a long time and as it is just Isaac and me, it's up to me to do all the work (Isaac can hand me the tools and paintbrushes ahaha). I shall go into more detail depth below.

A picture of Scottish Macaroon In Eves Boho Livingroom.
Scottish Macaroon In My Boho Livingroom

Current Home Style Renovations

When I moved into my home, I knew the task I was taking on. I had so much decorating and DIY to get done as it wasn't the family home I had envisioned. Starting with the basics, cleaning the whole house, and ripping up the carpets that were old and done. Sanding down the floorboards and painting them all to the colour scheme I wanted. I am currently wallpapering and decorating my two hallways that connect via the staircase, and planning my kitchen and bathroom renovations. As these are two of the rooms I haven't started yet.

The two bedrooms I have almost finished off. I even will be showing my son's bedroom versus mine video on social media. For all you gamer geeks out there, make sure to follow my page to see this reel. So yeah, just the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways are on the current to-do list. I do all of this myself, as I have always done DIY in my home on my own.

A picture of Isaac wearing his cubs and Tae Kwando uniform in Scotland.

Isaac's Activities

Isaac has a few activities a week, including his Tae Kwando and Cubs. He has advanced quite far already in Tae Kwando, as he is now a green belt with a blue stripe. He wasn't really for doing sparring as he doesn't like the rough and tumble. However knowing he would have to do it, to advance into any more belts and climb that belt ladder it gave him more of a push to try again. Isaac is a fast learner so it didn't take him long to catch up to where the other boys and girls were.

With Isaac's Cubs, he seemed to enjoy the interaction with the others in a social circle, as his mother it was beneficial at the beginning however, he's not that bothered about going these days and I think enrolling him into something else will be more of a passion and learning experience for him, it might be a better option now rather than cubs. I don't see him going into Scouts after Cubs is finished. Typically that's when most of the kids drop out anyway. Time will tell.

A picture of Isaac McIntosh In Primary six.
Isaac Primary Six

How Isaac's Doing In School

Isaac has a set routine when it comes to his daily life. For school, by 7:30 he's up and goes down to the kitchen for breakfast. This usually consists of cereal or his favourite pancakes. With cartoons on he enjoys his morning. Once finished it's washed and dressed smartly with his uniform. Shirt, tie, blazer and smart black trousers. I make sure his bag, juice bottle, and packed lunch are all ready giving him time in the morning to have for himself before he needs to walk over to school. Quite lucky that we only live a stone's throw away from the school itself. I can watch as he independently walks over blowing me a kiss as he leaves the house.

After a shaky start to school life, Isaac unfortunately was picked on by certain children. Making his lack of faith in school grow more with each day. Resolving the ongoing issue with the school over a long period. Working together with them to ensure Isaac has a better school life and that the bullying has stopped. Isaac now feels that his school life has improved and has put his faith back in the teachers and head of staff.

A picture of Isaac modelling for GAP in Spain.
Isaac Modelling for GAP in Spain

What Isaac Wants To Do

Isaac wants to follow in my footsteps and become a child model. This makes me so proud! He's already done a job for GAP and his fashion sense is too cool for school. Everyone gives us compliments on how well-dressed he is! This as his mother makes me extremely happy and proud that he doesn't just impress me each day but everyone else as well. When Isaac leaves the house he's representing himself and the family name so this to me is important in seeing that he is well-mannered and well-behaved along with being well looked after.

Along with wanting to be the best Lego builder in the world, Isaac has been focusing on his art and languages which he seems to be passionate about. Trying to give him the best education as well as the school. I think it is important not to limit your child or yourself for that matter, especially from learning new things. He isn't sure what he wants to become just small ideas. In saying that he has already told me he plans to go to college and then university. We shall see, he is only 10 years old. It is great he sees those things as opportunities and of importance to further his education to get his dream job in the future.

A picture of the tattoo work done by eve @vaporwavebeachtattoo in Scotland.
Tattoo Work By Eve @vaporwavebeachtattoo

My Tattoo Career

Eleven years almost in the industry and what an eleven years it has been. I mean having moments of greatness and then moments of complete sorrow. However, I feel currently as an artist that I will be able to move forward in some way after a few years of healing, how this impacted my health greatly. I have had a lot of thinking to do. With making such a big decision. It has taken me longer, as I don't ever want to fail.

It's not set in stone yet, definitely not being easy. I have looked at my options and with making no announcements and just doing it. I feel I answer to no one. Other artists have suppressed me, leaving me feeling I needed to break free from them. Maybe in the future, you'll just have to wait to see my plan of action, as I said, at this moment in time, will not be making any announcements here or on social media as of yet.

A picture taken at The Dalmeny Park Hotel in Scotland.
Picture Taken At The Dalmeny Park Hotel

Changing My Style

Never really settle on how or what I want to look like. I am forever changing. This year, I want and need more stability in everything I do. So I decided to keep consistent with my social media content and go back to my roots with all nature tones and show off what I have achieved with this. All my outfit posts and reels will be done in this area to tie in with how I want them to look. Any of my spicy content will be done in my pink gamer room and only uploaded to my OF and not social media from now on.

This in turn will give me more control of my posts, scheduling them as I already do for uploading. Separating both aspects of my life. My tattoo work will also only be posted on my tattoo page @vaporwavebeachtattoo and the odd post on my social media page @evesaraeden to show you an update on it. This is my personal choice as I feel that things are a little mixed up and I won't have anyone dictate what I can and cannot do.

A picture of Adam and Eve in a Boho Livingroom.

Adam And I

For those of you that don't know Adam and I have been together now for a little over three years. As any couple we have had our ups and downs however, we still are in a relationship. A lot of people think that we live together and unfortunately, we don't yet. This has it's reasons, but most importantly Adam takes care of his elderly parents and lives in Birmingham with them. So only visits from time to time in Scotland where he stays with me. A few weeks down there and a couple up here. We do get some time together though and I think that that space in between helps in any relationship.

We have plans for this year and will of course post these on social media for you all to see. Such as a holiday away together and to travel more, guesting as press at this year's events as well. More couple photoshoots and costumes to come. Our love for games and gaming brings us together, we have shared interests in this. Adam loves more of a retro take as he was a massive collector of fine Japanese games and art. I, however, love a good shoot-up game and play the PS5. I've got Adam into more horror games and playing them with him is super fun. We do this a lot together.

A picture of Eve in The Dalmeny Park Hotel Room.
Checkered Outfit By Eve

To Sum Up

To come to an end, I hope that this year things are much better than last! I had a horrible time last year with not just my mental health but physical health, which I am still healing. Maybe I should do a mental health article for you guys? I think that would be beneficial.

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Eve <3

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