My Tattoo Career

In this personal blog post, I will tell you all about my tattooing career, why and how I ended up in the tattoo industry.

A picture of the tattoo work done by eve @vaporwavebeachtattoo in Scotland.
Tattoo Work By Eve @evesedentattoo

My Tattoo Career

As a young girl age 12, my brother came home from the army on leave. As he was getting ready for a night out with friends, helping him with his jacket I noticed something on his arm. Straight away I was obsessed! I had to know what it was, how it was made and every detail in between. Already being artistic since I could hold a pencil, I knew I wanted to be a Tattoo Artist. I then vowed I would be one when I was an adult. I drew and drew until I learned more.

High School Dreaming

Reaching high school, my dream was still to become an artist in the industry. Many teachers laughed at this along with students. Being told "can you not get a real job" this only made the fire inside grow. My brothers ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend did tattoos, so like a moth to a flame I asked for them to teach me the basics and about the industry. I'd take coil machines apart and learn how to build them again. I learnt about the hygiene and skin. Taking everything in as I went.

College Blues

By college I still was on the path of tattoo work. I enrolled in cosmetology to pass the time and get out of school early due to bullying. After My tutors saw my drawings, they made a statement that if that's your passion you shouldn't be here.

By the age of 17 my time had come, I was almost legal to tattoo. One Christmas and the only person having faith that it was what I truly wanted, not a phase, my brother bought me my first tattoo kit. I was so overjoyed that I constantly would tattoo fake skin and even fruit! Just to get the hang of things. Watching videos online, learning more, drawing tattoo designs, too.

The Apprenticeship

After practicing on my own, I wasn't shy off 18, so I called every tattoo studio in my area. Asking if they were looking for an apprentice. Some wished me luck, some were not so nice. Then I finally got a chance! A little studio in Ayr asked to see my portfolio. Low and behold they actually asked me to come in that day! My mothers friend Clare took me in immediately.

Looking over my designs, he knew I had potential. He asked when could I start. After telling him a shy "whenever you like", he asked Clare to leave me that day and pick me up later on. Instantly, I was nervous and had moths in my stomach. However, for my first day it was relatively relaxed and normal.

I didn't stick this out, as it was unprofessional and not a suitable environment for me at that age either. This also broke my heart. With taking what I had learnt from the experience I continued to practise and got a job to support my passion.

What Happened Next?

I found myself in a relationship with another artist who had asked on multiple occasions to go and work along side then in their treatment room. After being asked so much, I finally gave in and worked there for a time. This relationship took it's toll and I ended up suffering with Anorexia Nervosa. In being so ill in the end I had to make a stand. He had to go. Making me so ill that I only had a few days before complete hospitalisation. I quicky broke things off and started my healing process of my eating disorder and of the trauma that he had caused me. In turn, this also put a halt once more on my tattoo career. Yet again being heart broken and lost.

What Did I Do?

Healing slowly from all that's happened up to this point. I made some drastic yet bold decisions. I asked my mother if I could move back in with my son and I opened my own tattoo studio under the name Sick Bunny Ink. This was a dream finally came true. I worked and worked to make it my own. Ending up with a great clientele and new views on life. By the age of 21 I finally made it. Proud of myself and never giving up.

What Happened To Sick Bunny Ink?

What happened indeed. Another broken heated moment I'm afraid. Everything was going swell with business but behind the scenes lay a broke, beat down girl who had PTSD and trauma. For my own health, I had to get as far away from the toxic environment I was in, as I was having thoughts and feelings of suicide.

I met what I thought was a lovely gentleman, who I ended up moving to England and working with in a grand studio called Raving Ink. I loved my job there, truly happy for once. It seemed too good to be true. It was. This was another toxic man who wanted control over me. Unfortunately, my grandfather died and I had to return to Scotland. I was yet again devastated, and couldn't believe it was over for me in England either.

Where Did My Career Go From There?

After so much trauma and madness, all I wanted was some goodness. I moved into a little house with my son, and looked for shops in the area to have my own little studio back. I found a perfect little place, although I had to make severe renovations, which were necessary to open my shop. I enjoyed this place. I revelled in my success as an artist and became friends with so many others. However, that was coming to a bitter end. When I was treated like not just an outsider, but that I was a villain in my own community.

Shunned and ridiculed, I took this as jealousy. I got all that sort of behaviour when I opened my first studio. Other artists phoning my council, making false accusations. My own council discriminating against me when trying to open. However, due to my trauma and PTSD, this was an unhealthy mix, my landlord had lied about the type of building I was in too. And once I had found out that the previous tenant had been up to no good either, causing multiple problems, he wanted me out and to move back in to the space I was in, I didn't want any part of it. It was time to find a better opportunity.

Renting A Room

Another artist who had tattooed me, and I got talking, and he knew how hard my tattoo career had been. So he asked me if I wanted his spare room. This location was ideal, bigger place, better opportunity for clientele and away from the madness that way hurting my health. I spent ages fixing the room up to be at a standard to tattoo in. Painting, cleaning and moving all my furniture in. Once ready, I then started advertising where I was. Quickly, my clients were showing up or travelling to come down to me for my art. So, I was then back enjoying my job and making others happy. This of course was right before Covid-19 hit us.

During The Pandemic

Covid-19 hit us all hard. It also hit the tattoo industry in a way where even now things have changed, leaving us all a bit shook. During the first announcement of what we had to do with our studios, I was told by the artist that due to my modelling career that was an issue; more like a pathetic excuse. The piercer wanted to learn how to tattoo, and also wanted my room, and as they were in a sexual relationship, Iwas a problem to them. So I gave my notice, and quickly got out of there. This was the last attempt at my tattooing career. It was the straw that broke the camels back. Devastation and loss was so great by this point, that I couldn't even think about what to do next.

A picture of Eve's Tattoo work.
Work Done On @youraverageguystyle

The Plan

There is no plan really. It has been three years since I worked in a studio and due to the pain it has caused me over the years, I'm still hurt to this day. A long time of healing and removing all the negativity that has shrouded me in my career as an artist. With many artists who I am still friendly with, they wish me well and continue to give me their support. That has also kept the fire alive.

If you have read my first personal blog post, you will have read that I do not wish to announce anything at this time. However, all I will say on the matter is that the fire and passion that has driven me throughout my tattooing career has not been extinguished just yet. So wondering what's next? subscribe to my personal blog to see what the future may hold.

Final Say

To come to an end, I hope you enjoyed this insight into my tattooing career. I've never opened up and truly spoke about it until now. I feel a sense of relief to have gotten it all out there. Thanks for your continued support with not just my modelling career but as an artist as well.

Eve. <3

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