My Santa Outfit For Christmas 2023

In this recent article, I’ll be sharing with you all about my sexy Santa outfit I shot for Christmas time in 2023.

Eve's Sexy Santa Costume in her pink gamer room and set up in 2023.
Pink Gamer Set Up In My Bedroom

My Santa Outfit For Christmas 2023

Bit late on posting, however, the Christmas period has been super crazy for me! Especially when Isaacs birthday is on Christmas Day as well, and I have been super back logged with articles and blog posts to share with you guys. Along with all my spicy content on OF and PH and also my tattoo work. So here finally is my article about my sexy Santa cosplay for 2023.

@evesaraeden Santa Outfit 2023

The outfit

As a female influencer I like to make sure I have done photo sets or videos for special times of the year, especially Christmas! So for 2023 I pieced together this Sexy Ms Claus outfit to mark the occasion. This was so fun to do, I love dressing up and giving some of my personality into every shoot that I do, so for this one I really could just be myself as show off this crimson red, black and white Santa costume.

Victoria Secrets Thong In Red


All about the fine details, and lets just take a minute to appreciate all those sparkles on this Victoria Secrets thong in red! The knee high socks have fine detail on the buttons to attach to my suspenders on the dress which are from Maniere De Voir - my newest piercing addition can be seen with that crystal bell bar, matching the sparkles on my thong.

Latex Nipple Pasties From @StoshiDesign

Makeup And Hair

For this particular look I went for a more subtle approach with my makeup; a thin line of black eyeliner and that crimson red lipstick just makes the whole look come together. A lot of people think my eyelashes are false in my photos and videos, however, they are not - I just use the right mascara for me to extenuate the length and really make them pop. A well done face of makeup and lighting makes it even easier to work with, especially when doing a quick edit on photos. Most of my makeup looks in shoots are done by myself, and to be honest I really do prefer that because I know what works well for me.

Prop from local Super Store


If you've read any of my cosplay or costume articles you'll know I'm a sucker for a prop. There's nothing worse when on set and your just standing there like a sore thumb having to create something from nothing. So for me, I like to use what is around me and get a prop to play around with. For this Santa cosplay I went for a massive Christmas candy lollipop; my favourite sweetie! This worked so well for this sexy Santa outfit overall.

Latex Nipple Pasties from @stoshidesign on Instagram

Little Add Ons

Fine details make all the difference; so adding in little things like nipples pasties and or candy canes really made the Christmas vibes known, especially with those red white and blacks that Santa Claus uses. The nipple pasties are from Stoshi Design, I simply adore their latex. It was a must have in creating this final Christmas costume. You can pick up candy canes any almost everywhere during the holidays, so this shouldn't be an issue, if you are looking to add them into your next Christmas photoshoot.

Pink Gamer Bedroom by @evesaraeden


For this setting I used my neon pink bedroom, as I normally do in any of my costumes as of late; simply because I adore how it finally looks. This made all the reds I was wearing really stand out against all of that pink. My bedroom took quite a while to finally piece together, I'm a sucker for change and I wanted something that appeals to me and what I like. Yes, it's a cliché that girls like pink but I have the attitude for it, I can assure you!

Creating Your Own Santa Outfit

Thinking about creating your own sexy Santa outfit for this year? Here's some recommendations for you to check out, such as:

I hope you have as much fun as I did in creating this Santa Christmas photo set. Be sure to let me know how yours goes!


Another outfit down in the books, this one was definitely one of my faves in 2023 and a great photoshoot to end the year overall. As a female influencer and blogger, I can't wait to come up with new ideas this year and share them with you guys. Be sure to check out my social media @evesaraeden for video's of this Christmas Ms Claus outfit and let me know what you think.

Christmas Couple Sexy Santa Photo Ideas 2023 @youraverageguystyle @evesaraeden


Adam jumped in on my shoot and we took some pictures and videos to match in these black, red and white colours. You can check the video of us on his social media @youraverageguystyle. So if you are looking for a little quick idea for a photo/video of you and your partner, then hopefully this will be helpful to inspire you both for a romantic, sexy photo together!

Couple Goal Christmas Photos 2023

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