Marco Dal Maso Link Jewellery Review

Looking for a new modern piece of quality jewellery? I will tell you all about Marco dal Maso jewellery in this new review.

Marco Dal Maso Link Jewellery

The Jewellery

Marco Dal Maso, in keeping with local craftsmen and women, who put their brilliant artist skills and passion together, inputting these incredible design pieces. In maintaining local production, they in turn keep to the highest of quality in manufacturing these impeccable designs. The vision executed perfectly and created with immense detailing. The link series is a new rebellious take to bespoke jewellery.

The Brand

In the heart of Italy's jewellery district, Vicenza. Marco Dal Maso is a bespoke jewellery brand catering to men and women. Founded in 2011, their aim in fine men's jewellery came to creation. Founder; Marco Dal Maso, bringing a new age and edgy take on jewellery offers us a modern and sophisticated take on these exquisite designs.

A picture of Marco Dal Maso Chain Link Jewellery on Eve used as an ankle bracelet on Troon beach.
Marco Dal Maso Link Jewellery Used As An Ankle Bracelet

Chain & Link Jewellery

A modern take on jewellery, these chain and link pieces are easy to use and style. Interlinking into either one piece of jewellery or multiple. Great to play around to find the way you want it to fit. Either a bracelet, ankle bracelet or a necklace. Fit to the way you want and even style your loved ones.

A picture if Marco Dal Maso chain link jewellery.
Marco Dal Maso Chain Links

About Marco

Marco Dal Maso learnt the art of jewellery making from his father at an early age. Marco Dal Maso, after travelling the world, was inspired to start a jewellery line after being inspired by different cultures from all over the world. His personal aim was to create timeless pieces to highlight their unique quality. After seeing the beauty of the world, hisย  jewellery then manifested and is handmade by skilled Italian artisans.

Styling The Jewellery

Adam and I took these photos and videos in a beach not far from where I live; this was at Troon beach. What a beautiful way to gift your partner these link in chain stunning jewellery pieces. A captivating view and setting style with your beach outfit. As a female influencer I always look out for exquisite pieces of jewellery to add into any outfit to make the final touches. It's essential when styling to choose the right jewellery to tie into your look, so it all comes together, but yet stands out to make others notice. Marco really did accomplish this in his design. It has its own bold statement even when styling a look.


A picture of Eve at Troon beach wearing LGR sunglasses.
Wearing LGR sunglasses


When buying a quality piece of jewellery, consider your options on materials and the companies product use. Make sure you aren't allergic to any of the materials used in crafting the final product. A good quality piece of jewellery will be manufactured to the highest of standards and the final product will be something of perfect standards and beauty. Price wise, you know that buying a piece of jewellery isn't going to be cheap. You are paying for the quality and materials used, so in turn are definitely getting your moneys worth with Marco.


A beautiful black sleek box with the inscription Marco Dal Maso, with their logo under the writing. This box has a magnetic lid closing box hatch. Inside the box, you will find a lovely velvet feel box with cut outs made for the jewellery to slot into, securing them in place and snug inside. Over the top of this fine box is a black sleeve with the same writing and logo, as added security to keep everything in place.

A picture of Adam wearing Marco Dal Maso chain link jewellery.
@youraverageguystyle wearing Marco Dal Maso Link Necklace


The chain link series from Marco Dal Maso is quite vast. There are multiple options to choose from, most of the link series are made with sterling silver. However, Marco Dal Maso's jewellery is used with 100% recycled materials! When picking out your jewellery please ensure you check the materials used in case of any allergies. The last thing you want is to pick out a perfect piece of jewellery and then have a reaction to type of metal or materials used.

A picture of Adam and Eve at Troon beach wearing Marco Dal Maso.
@evesaraeden and @youraverageguystyle modelling @marcodalmaso_official


With a brand you can't fault, Marco Dal Maso really does tick all the boxes as a luxury jewellery brand.ย  Adam and I love this link in range and use it to style each others when we wear them. Overall, this new take on timeless jewellery really shows off fine Italian qualilty, and I cannot fault this link and chain jewellery at all.


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