My Milky Cow-Girl costume 2023

In this article, I will tell you how I achieved this milky Japanese Cow-Girl costume and how you could recreate it too.

My Milky Cow-Girl Costume 2023

Let’s talk about my milky Halloween costume in this article and how I achieved this dreamy hentai cow-girl look. I wanted to keep the feel of being a kawaii ahegao girl, so this Japanese cow costume was a first choice for me in creating this full cow inspired outfit.

The outfit

I had seen other content creators do the milk cow-girl and I thought wow I need to do this one! As an online E-girl this was one of many I just couldn’t resist to do. From the costume to the milk pouring, I had so much fun with this and one hell of a clean up job after! If you are looking for a sexy cow costume, here are some examples you could try out, such as:

Location: My Pink Bedroom Suite


When I do most of my cosplays or hot photos, I actually use my room in my house! It’s my pink neon Vaporwave gaming room. I spent forever sprucing this room up, and it’s not even finished yet! Subscribe to my website to see updates about my bedroom and the design of it. This works so well for me, especially with all the pink to clash with every outfit whether its cosplay or just fashion. I am delighted to how this room is looking so far!

The price

This outfit was such a bargain price, especially because it came with everything other than the socks that I needed. I got this costume pretty cheap on Amazon and bought the socks separate from an individual seller. This came in at around £50 for it all in total, so it definitely is affordable to create your own milk cow-girl inspired look!

All makeup pallets used - Jeffree Star

My makeup

I always do my own makeup for cosplay looks unless the photographer I am working with pays for a makeup artist on shoot. Using my Jeffree Star makeup pallets and spectrum collection brushes I achieved this simple Kawaii Hentai makeup look and cute button nose. The makeup pallets I use are:

These pallets are divine and perfect for any project or inspired look you want to create. The colour pallets are endless, so vibrant and a great selection to choose from. One of my personal favourite colours from the conspiracy pallet that I used during this autumn season was "cheese dust" for my orange sexy witch costume, the colour itself is so bright and pops out beautifully on your eyes.

Cow - Girl Japanese Costume


I absolutely adored doing this costume and had a blast while doing it! For more of hot looks, check out the outfit section on my website or head to my social media and let me know which is your favourite. Don’t forget that for my spicy 18+ conten,t you can check out my Onlyfans account or Pornhub account too! What do you think of this E-Girl Cow costume? Would you date this Cow-Girl? I’m looking forward to what I’ll get to do next, and can’t wait to share it with you all.

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