Adam and I's Halloween Couple Costume 0f 2023

In this latest blog post, I will tell you all about Adam and I’s Halloween couples costume we wore this year in 2023.

Power Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

About Our Costumes

This year Adam and I didn't want to miss out on the perfect opportunity to get spicy and dress up for Halloween, so we chose to do a sexy cowboy and his seductive little Cow-Girl. Adam wanted to do this shoot right this time, as he had been a Cowboy many years before and since I and am a 18+ content creator/glamour model, we thought this time round we would make it super hot for our fans. Not your average Cow-Girl, I went for a more Japanese Hentai cow - girl costume; this of course made Adam more than happy! We are so ecstatic on how these turned out and plan to do much more hot couple costume photo shoots in the future!

Hot Mens Cowboy Costume Ideas

Adam’s Cowboy costume

This is a classic costume for men! The outfit was made using a seductive Cowboy deep tan suede shirt, skinny blue wash jeans, men’s brown suede boots to match the shirt that he is wearing and a studded tan leather Cowboy styled belt worn tightly around the waist. He did borrow my brown Cowboy hat to complete this look. Topping it off with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for that casual cool cheeky appeal. Overall a top notch sexy Cowboy in my fantasy! Yee-haw!

Halloween 2023 Hot couples costumes

My cow costume

For this outfit I went to my Japanese roots. A sexy feminine Cow-Girl to match her wrangler! This costume came with:

  • A choker with a gold bell to attach
  • A waist belt and bow to velcro on
  • A gold rope with iconic tassels
  • A hair and shaped into cow ears and horns

The only thing it didn’t come with were the socks, this was quite disappointing, so I ordered some online last minute to put into my final touches on this costume. Doing my own makeup, I made this cute little nose; I always love the small detail when it comes to finishing off a costume so this was a cute little add in. For all my makeup looks I use Jeffree Star pallets and to apply I use Spectrum Collection brushes and products.

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas


Adam’s costume was mostly from @asos, making for a quick delivery for the entire ensemble, My cow costume was from @amazon, I found this outfit when I was searching for a Japanese styled cow E-Girl cosplay. Everything was affordable and coming in at a reasonable price overall. Here are a few choices for a cow-girl or cowboy costume:

Couples Halloween Forest Photo Ideas


For these photos we went out to the forest near by my house and shot in the woods. We did get many people walking by with a few stares for sure! This location is one of my favourites to use as it is close by, easy to shoot in, and there are multiple places that are simply just beautiful to use as a base or backdrop. Surrounded by fields and farms, this was the ideal location for this type of shoot for us.

Hot Halloween Costume Ideas 2023


Choosing the right prop was easy for this look as I had a vintage kettle jug from my childhood days of living on a working farm in Scotland. I found this in the old separate house that the horse keeper stayed in. This made for the perfect accessory to add into our Halloween photos to use in this shoot. If you plan to dress up like a cowboy or cow-girl here are some recommendations I suggest you could use to incorporate into your look(s):

@evesaraeden @youraverageguystyle

Final Say

What do you think about our matching costume this year? What should we do next year? There are so many inspiring and creative ideas whirling in my head, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until next year! Maybe we should dress up again soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my website or check out our Instagram's @youraverageguystyle and @evesaraeden to see any costumes or couples looks that we do together in the near future or even ones we have done before like the Easter bunny ones! To see more spicy content why not check out my Onlyfans and see what other pictures/videos we done dressed in these costumes!

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