Thomson Carter Rouge Avenue Perfume Review

Let me tell you about the pure craftsmanship of a divine scent that is Rouge Avenue by Thomson Carter in this new review.

Thomson Carter Rouge Avenue Perfume

The Perfume

Rouge Avenue is a perfume that will leave a reminder to everyone who you were. A statement scent that with a floral and woody combination, is divine in nature in a bottle, this pink pepper scent from Thomson Carter is a lush perfume made to be worn by women. Eau De par-fume, for her, gives off a sensual, luxurious vibe that makes you feel utter sex appeal. The scent of Rouge Avenue inspires and leaves you feeling relaxed and warm with the woody Oder overtone that is comfortable yet subtle. You cannot go wrong with this decadent perfume.

The Smell

In a woody perfume there are usually hints of birch, cedar or even sandalwood. They are often the most adorned and admired scents in the luxury perfume world. A smell can make memories, can give you emotion, set a feeling. Rouge Avenue smells calm, a sensual warmth, invigorating the senses. Once sprayed it's all you can feel, giving a lasting impression for hours.


Each individual perfume is beautifully packed and a pleasure to unbox. Thomson Carter really did take the upmost care in perfecting their packaging. The box itself has lovely detailing, with the Thomson Carter white writing against the black box it's just right for making this stand out even more. When I opened my box it was filled with this aromatic scent of the perfume that was a lovely touch to opening up my parcel from Thomas Carter. Carefully, yet secured inside another box of its own, lies the perfume bottle. This box has an adorable pattern on the top with the Thomas Carter inscription again in white with the added TC logo.

Comes With

This luxury styled women's scent comes with multiple lovely pieces to go along with your new perfume. Not many companies cater to their customers this way but Thomson Carter makes every one of us feel special. With this beautiful style perfume, there comes a plush soft white pillow made from cotton, for your bottle to rest on and even to display it in a nice setting in your boudoir. A lovely scent stick so you can spray your new perfume and live in the essence of its smell when you receive it. A luxury Thomson Carter drawstring bag to take your perfume out with you and keep it nice and fresh, saving it from any damages and leaks. Additionally, I received these small little sample bottles of two of the TC women's collection to try. Safely secured inside these cardboard cards detailing about the scents and a little back story of Thomson Carter themselves. It even had a QR code to take you straight to their online website so you can check them out for yourself.


If you have any reserved feelings on this perfume, you could also try their sample size bottles first. This is a really great way to make your mind up on whether you like the scent and to choose which one you prefer. In my personal opinion out of these two choices, Redroom and Post Card From, I definitely would recommend Post Card From, it had this lovely undertone to the scent that lingered in the air. A little like Rouge Avenue as it is a warm woody scent. Tones of Cedar, Amber and Saffron are used to create this sensual scent, giving it more of an oriental vibe.

Company Background

From a young age the founder, Thomson Carter, was inspired from his loving mothers passion for luxury perfumes. He has made it his life's ambition to create a lasting scent to blend together the perfect memories in time. Within his journey, he has now made these luxury style perfumes that last up to 10 hours with out reapplication! That is a great achievement in itself, reminding the perfume world that to have this passion can instil on to others to fall in love yourself with a particular smell.ย  I let my own mother sample this perfume and everyone she saw that day complimented her as she smelt divine wearing this scent. Most of her work colleagues have now purchased Rouge Avenue or another perfume from the Thomson Carter range for themselves! I think that it is just wonderful that one scent can impact so many.


Mixing the doting perfume especially when creating a lasting feminine scent needs the perfect blend. Rouge Avenue is made by using:

By using these ingredients it creates brilliance for this burst of life in a detailed parfum. Please be aware that if you are buying a perfume you should always check the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of the following ingredients listed above. Maybe even request a sample size and test it before going all out and purchasing something you might have a bad reaction to. Another thing I can suggest is that you can go to Thomson Carters online website and use the online live chat option. This could be a great way to answer any of your inquiries about a specific type they have for sale.

Final Say

This has to be my favourite from Thomson Carter's female perfume selection. As a female blogger and female perfume collector, Iโ€™m so proud to have Rouge Avenue on display with my other luxury favourite scents. Telling you about this perfume is one thing but getting it for yourself or a loved one is the perfect gift, and you will smell for yourself how fantastic this perfume really is. I actually think that this scent is better than some of the expensive brands we see today. It's all in the craftsmanship and with Thomson Carter they know how to please their customers. Curiosity killed the cat they say, but I say satisfaction brought it back, and when wearing Thomson Carter Rouge Avenue you feel truly satisfied with wearing this opulence perfume.


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