Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum Perfume Review

Searching for the perfect tropical bubbly perfume to top off any look? Then Moschino Toy 2 may just be for you.

Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum

The bottle

What a beautiful playful perfume bottle design this really is. The use of hot pink with a teddy bear-shaped bottle top with hands and feet attached even on the actual bottle itself! You can’t really top that can you in making an insanely cool perfume bottle? This perfume was launched in 2021 and it's still holding well in the market, Moschino once again impresses that their style is always in date. The use of frosted glass to create the bear's arms and feet was a very smart idea, along with only making the bottle cap and Moschino writing hot pink. This clashes really well with the overall style of this bottle making it a jolly, fun-loving perfume bottle to have.


This beautifully crafted bottle comes in a bright hot pink flamingo box. Once again Moschino is using bold colours that stand out. On the outer box, there is the classic Moschino writing all in a futuristic silver, making this eye-catching writing protrude out from the box itself with an embossed effect. A clever yet simple way that they have designed even the packaging for this perfume.

The scent

This perfume smell itself is sweet and citrus, a delicate scent of the ironic and iconic bubble gum. I always love it when a designer brand makes a perfume that is suitable for vegans! Toy 2 bubblegum is the pink Kawaii version of the Toy 2 scent that Moschino already has on the market (released in 2019, many years prior to the bubblegum version). Personally, both are exceptional, I would however choose the bubblegum over the original Toy 2, but that's just my personal opinion. Why not pop down to your nearest Boots or Perfume Shop to check out which one you like better?


To make this upbeat summer-like scent Moschino used so many different great ingredients that are super friendly and 100% biodegradable! Crafting such a lavish scent they used:

I do always state in any of my articles that you should always, always make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients used in a perfume. Do not take that risk, no matter how great it smells! So be sure to check, and if you are not sure then please ask the company or an assistant from the shop you are buying the perfume from.


Expensive brands make exceptional lavish perfumes and we all know that Moschino as a fashion brand is far from on the cheap side of things. However, depending on where or what shop you are buying this scent from, it may just be affordable for you! So to bag one of these 30ml bottles it will cost you £42.00, for the 50ml you are looking at around £61.50, and for the 100ml bottle size it will come in at around £80.00. So not as expensive as you may think, unlike their fashion items which are mega pricy. I always say that you don't just pay for the perfume, you pay for the brand's name on it too.

Moschino background

Moschino was founded in Italy in 1983 by Franco Moschino. Originally aspiring to be a painter, he translated his love for prints and colour into fashion design. After collaborating with the Italian fashion house Versace as an illustrator, the Istituto Marangoni graduate started his own namesake brand. Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino in Milan known for over-the-top, campy designs. The company specializes in ready-to-wear, handbags, and fashion accessories.

Pair with

Are you having trouble looking for somewhere to put this perfume to go out with? Have you seen Moschino's new range of inflatables yet? Oh wow, it’s just absolutely amazing! My personal favourite from that range is their inflatable sandals, they are to die for. In this new fantastic range, they also have inflatable bags - that's right! So here are some I would personally recommend when pairing with this perfume such as:

Recommended Stores

If you aren't quite sure about what store to go to, or even who stocks this perfume for a reasonable price and that is good quality with excellent customer service then I am here to help. As mentioned, it is crucial to check if you are allergic to anything, and you want great customer service to feel comfortable enough to talk about the help you need. So here are some stores that I personally recommend that should help you out:

Why Choose Moschino

So you may be thinking why should I just choose this particular brand? Well, let me make some points for you to help in making that decision. Just look at how many celebs are walking around in Moschino - legendary figures such as Katy Perry, Madonna, and Bella Hadid! They have always been such a popular brand among celebs. Moschino is also known for its bold, outlandish colours and designs, so you will always be in focus wearing any fashion pieces from them. You will stand out for sure, making everyone's heads turn and be complimented each time you are rocking something from Moschino.


Final Thoughts

To sum up, the whole vibe of this perfume, from scent to bottle design to the brand itself is just incredibly unique and so cute! I 100% would recommend this Toy 2 Bubblegum perfume even over the original Toy 2 as well! As a female fashion and lifestyle influencer, it is the perfect addition to the pink aesthetic look I have, so this particular perfume bottle matches well with my own pink perfume collection. I will say that the bottle online does not actually show how pink this perfume bottle actually is, so pop into a local store to see the exact colour and I bet you'll be impressed.

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