OIVO N-S Carry Case Review

Do you travel as much as I do, while gaming on the go? Keep your Nintendo Switch safe with the N-S carry case from OIVO.

OIVO N-S Carry Case

The Case

When I travel, I tend to take my Nintendo Switch along with me. However, keeping it in your backpack or carry-on luggage can be unsafe due to being knocked around in any transport. So to prevent this from happening, OIVO has the perfect carry case to ensure that you can keep your Nintendo Switch and all of your accessories with it compact and safe when heading out and gaming on the go. This carry case is for both the NS original and the OLED Switch version of the Nintendo handheld console. This case also comes in a variety of different colour's like red, pink, purple, blue, black, and grey. So lots of choices to fit into your own colour scheme and aesthetics.


The sleek yet simple design of the case really catches the eye of gamers who like to keep things clean and pristine. Inside comprises of 20 slots for your games, with the use of velcro latches to keep everything secure and in place. A Sturdy hard case and also drop proof so minimum to no damage can occur to your Nintendo Switch and your accessories when off out. The sleek design and usage of two colours are eye-catching and does stand out among others. Using the switch buttons as a logo on the outer layer on top of the case itself is a nice subtle detail to the top of the look of this exquisite carry case design.


When buying a case to store and keep your switch, you have to consider the space you will need. How big do you need the case to be? And if it will have enough slots for all your belongings to put in, along with your OLED as well. This case has all the best features a carry case should have including slots for:

So plenty of space for just about everything you need to travel with your Nintendo Switch! All of these slots fit into a nice sort of foam keeping them wrapped in comfort nice and tight. One of the best features that this carry case has is that it's waterproof. So any spills inside our bag of heavy rain outdoors will also not affect your switch as it will be tightly packed inside this carry case with a great fitted zipper to ensure no damage comes to your belongings.


Some carry cases can be quite pricey, but you do pay for quality and sometimes even the brand name. OIVO has great quality and features to keep your Switch 100% safe and snug which is affordable, costing just $25.99! You would be paying for the safety of your switch and the quality of a hard box case that is shockproof!


The carry case comes in a secured sealed cardboard box. Inside you will find it encased in a plastic casing, keeping it nice and clean without any marks on arrival. The box has all the helpful information you need and also lets you know what is in the box, the colour, size, which console it is for, and much more!

Other Products

OIVO doesn't just sell these Nintendo Switch carry cases, they have a wide range of products available not only for the Nintendo Switch but for all gaming supplies too! Such as:

They cater to other consoles such as Xbox and Playstation too. Make sure you check out some of their merch on their online website.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, as a female public figure, I can say with certainty this case is great to have and store your Nintendo Switch in. Even if you are not using it and want to keep it compact and in a safe place.ย  I highly recommend this case, I use it for my own OLED.ย  It's one of my favorites to use when traveling and playing my switch when I'm out on the go. Keeping it safe and clean with all my bits and bobs inside. This really is the all-in-one Nintendo Switch carry case. So you can store and protect your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite when you're on the go always. When at the check out you can use my code (EVESARAMCINTOSH) simply click my referral link and use the code at checkout. Happy Gaming! Stay subscribed for more.

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