How To Style A BouxAvenue Lounge-wear Set

In this new cosy and casual-styled outfit review, I'll tell you how to style a loungewear set from BouxAvenue.

             -picture taken in my home

The Slinky Velour Set

This gorgeously cosy stone-coloured set is just another classy cosy piece from the BouxAvenues loungewear collection. The velour top and bottoms have an elasticated hem for comfort. I am always on the lookout for something cosy to wear around the house, so when I saw this matching set and gave the fabric one touch I knew it was the right material and just what I was looking for. Topping off this matching set with the BouxAvenue branding on both pieces to give it that final touch, bringing it all together.


When choosing something that you want to be cosy and soft against your skin you have to be careful, some materials rub and can cause some problems with the skin. This set is made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials involved in making this set before you purchase.

About BouxAvenue

BouxAvenue was launched in April 2011, a wonderful lingerie brand based in London, catering to YOUR shape, YOUR style, and YOUR lifestyle. They certainly for me are one of the top UK lingerie brands as they cater to my size which for me is extremely important.


The slinky velour bandeau top costs £18.00 and the velour shorts come in at £25.00, so you can buy them separately or as a set for £43.00 in total. Paying for quality items is never an issue, you know you will get the best out of them and your money's worth.

Style With

If you want to add to your set you could also check out more of the brand's products. This Slinky Velour range can easily mix and match with any other products in their collection - I styled them with a pair of BouxAvenue slippers. I got these from the Glasgow store, however, you can also order them from their online store. Here are some suggestions:

I styled my matching set with hair bunches and faux fur bobbles from Romwie, and a matching faux fur beige-coloured set of slippers from BouxAvenue.


Choosing the right fit for me is hard, I am very petite and slim. I usually have to spend forever trying to find things in my size. However this is why I love BouxAvenue, They not only have the most feminine products but they go down to a size 6. Most brands don't really cater to my size anymore so I really do appreciate that BouxAvenue does, that's why I'll always be a fan of theirs.

Choosing the right size matters, make sure to have a look at the fitting or try it on in-store to make sure it's just right for you. As I said, I am a size 4-6 and a 6 fits me perfectly in clothing from their store. I must say that they are ticking all the boxes when catering for petite females like me.

Final Say

I totally swear by this set, I find that it's one of the few I wear when chilling around the house while gaming
or having a night of beauty self-care. One of my favourite female fashion brands to wear, I cannot express enough how great it is to have found a lingerie brand that caters to my size and needs. 100% a BouxAvenue girl, their lingerie styles and female perfumes are highly feminine and exquisite to be in. To see more photos/videos of this outfit, you can find them on my Instagram page @evesaraeden. Be sure to subscribe to see more of my BouxAvenue lingerie and outfits.

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