HyperJapan Festival 2023 Review

Are you wondering what HyperJapan is? Or if it’s worth going to? Read all about it in my new review of HyperJapan 2023.

HyperJapan Festival 2023 Review

About HyperJapan

HyperJapan is the UK’s Biggest J-Culture Event, launched first in 2010. The event introduces the diversity of contemporary Japan, from manga and anime to music, fashion, food, traditional culture, gaming, technology, tourism, and more. In addition to a fantastic line-up of exhibitors (companies and Japanese local government), the event is completely filled up with individual exhibitors, stage performances, workshops, seminars, and more. The event attracts around 30K visitors over three days, how crazy is that?!. In July 2021, HYPER JAPAN ran its first online event, bringing together around 200K people from 139 countries. In just 1 month HYPER JAPAN ONLINE shared an incredible 82 events and reached 2.2M impressions! Well done guys, that's really a huge success.

The venue

The venue this year was changed back to the original location from previous years. Last year's Hyperjapan festival was held at (Evolution London on Fri 22 Jul – Sun 24 Jul 2022), so it was nice to be back in the original destination which I found was actually bigger and held more for sure. The place was packed out this year! Also, the 2021 event was held online, so it was nice for everyone to come together again at the festival. This year's Venue was:

Olympia London

Hammersmith Road, London W14 8U

Friday 21st July 2023: 12:00-20:30

Saturday 22nd July 2023: 9:00-20:30

Sunday 23rd July 2023: 9:00-17:00

Who was there

Even a message from Yoshiki was televised through the screen to welcome us all to the 2023 Hyperjapan event. I mean how cool is that!

Sake tasting/experience

Entry to The Sake Experience will be strictly for visitors aged 18 years old and over and requires a seperate add-on ticket, which you can purchase from the ticket page.

Companies such as:

SAKE AWARDS 2023: Winners Revealed!

Sho Chiku Bai “KAORI”

  • Type of sake: –
  • Rice variety: –
  • Rice polish ratio: –
  • ABS: 14-15%
  • Best served: Chilled

His nama-chozo (fresh-stored) sake is characterised by an unprecedentedly clear fruity aroma, which is brought out by their proprietary yeast. It features a refreshing fruity feeling, a clear and clean mouthfeel, and a fresh flavor. It perfectly matches not only Japanese cuisine but also Western cuisine. So well done to them for winning this year's Sake awards!

Who to buy from

There is just so much to choose from at this event and here are some of my recommendations, so you can have a little browse and buy from these talented companies such as:

Just to name a few, but there were many many more at the event. Maybe you could see for yourself at next year's festival?

Who I will be working with

Next level UK @nextleveluk1 - I already plan on making multiple cosplay-inspired looks with props from these guys they are just pure brilliance in their craftsmanship. Remember to subscribe to my website to see and read all about my cosplay, fashion, and lifestyle articles.

Ozeki Sake - pink/yellow pineapple/strawberry gifted three of each. They are a new take on fruity sake that is much smoother than I have tried before. A new review coming soon about this amazing sake!

Food And Drink

Who doesn't enjoy Japanese cuisine? This year's food was to die for. I myself had food from one of these many stalls and was satisfied with the flavour, texture, and authentic Japanese feel of the food, a taste of Japan to melt in your mouth. So many amazing food and drinks stalls available at the festival such as:

Food places:

Drinks Places:


There are additional costs at HyperJapan for certain fun things to do. Add on costs to your ticket such as:

  • Sake tasting
  • Meet and greet
  • Workshop

Fashion Show

Fashion show! So be sure to dress up in your best cosplay and strut your stuff for all to see on the main stage. For the fashion show:

Saturday and Sunday - you will need to purchase a General admission ticket to entry to enter the venue.

Meet and greet

Meet your favourite artists, get your merchandise signed, and capture unforgettable moments with them in a photo!

21st July:
14:00-14:30 – Colorpointe
16:00-16:30 – Miura Ayme
19:00-19:30 – Isiliel

22nd July:
15:00-15:30 – Miura Ayme
16:00-16:30 – FEMM
17:00-17:30 – Isiliel
18:00-18:30 – Colorpointe

23rd July:
11:30-12:00 – Miura Ayme
15:00-15:30 – Isiliel
16:15-16:45 – Colorpointe

Kawaii And Japanese Fashion

So many stalls involved when this festival was being put together as a female fashion blogger and I am more inclined to the Kawaii or Harajuku fashion side myself, here are some shops that were at the hyper Japan festival you should check out such as :

HyperJapan Enquiers contacts

If you have any questions or enquiries then don't hesitate to use any of the following contact links or email addresses below for help.

General enquiers: web@hyperjapan.co.uk

Ticket enquires: contact@hyperjapan.co.uk

Press enquiries: press@hyperjapan.co.uk


As I have now been twice as press to the Hyperjapan festival in London, I would recommend visiting the event even once to see it for yourself! It's a fun experience all around and worth the trip no matter where you are from. I certainly had another great time this year at HyperJapan. Hope to see you next year for a great time together! For all images and videos, you can find them on my Instagram @evesaraeden.

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