How To Style A Care Bear Outfit

Love Care Bears? Are you inspired by my Share A Lot Bear style and outfit? In this new review I will tell you where everything is from, and how you can recreate my look or even come up with a new Care Bear style all on your own!

How To Style A Care Bear Outfit


Care Bears Count down 5, 4 ,3, 2, 1! Let's Style! If you are a massive Care Bear fan just like me, then you may want to play dress up as I did. I created this Care Bear inspired look as I have been such a huge fan since I was a little girl. I put my skills as a creative digital creator and glamour model
together along with my artistic skills to create a stunning kawaii pink and purple Care Bear outfit, and cloud background to use for my own photo shoot.

- photo by @youraverageguystyle

Care Bear Background

So lets have a look at where Care Bears come from, and when it was created and aired. Care Bears are multi-coloured bears, originally painted in 1981 by artist Elena Kucharik to be used on greeting cards. In 1983 the characters were turned into plush teddy bears, and later headlined their own television series called Care Bears from 1985 to 1988. They also made three feature films! The Care Bears Movie in 1985, Care Bears Movie II, A New Generation in 1986, and The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland made in 1987. Each Care Bear is a different color or shade and has a unique picture on the stomach of each bear that represents it's own personality. My favourites consist of Brave Heart Lion (no, not just because I am Scottish, lol) and of course what my whole look is based on, which is Share Bear.

How to create my look

I adored putting this Care Bear themed style all together. When it came to creating and crafting this look, I used a number of things I already owned or found on some cool online sites such as:

  • Pink Collar - Alluraura
  • Purple Skirt - Amazon
  • Pink Sunglasses - these were a gift, so I'm not sure where they are from.
  • Care Bear teddy bears, which I already owned - Care Bear store online
  • Nipple pasties - Typo
  • Care Bear Notebook and pen - Typo
  • Thong - Misguided
  • Cardigan - I Saw It First
  • Care Bear Pumps - Iron Fist
  • White Fishnet Stockings - Amazon
  • Care Bear Pillow - Typo
  • Care Bear socks - Typo
  • Lollipops - Amazon


I was gifted this collar to model a little while back from a company called Alluraura - I do love a good leather collar and wearing them in my looks and shoots. You will notice it's pink, so it matches my whole theme throughout the set and outfit. Here are some ideas on pink collars if you are looking to add one to your own look:

- Model @evesaraeden

Purple bear skirt

I made this skirt by using just a normal plaid purple skirt, and you can pick up any colour skirt online for wearing or crafting. I got mine from Amazon as it was fast delivery and cheap, perfect to use for creating this Care Bear cosplay look. However, it had shorts attached to the inside, so I did some alterations and removed them, re-stitching to fit, leaving me just with the skirt. Next, I added a round plush plain ball, which can be picked up online or at a crafting store. I hand sewed the plush ball onto the back of the skirt, then I used fabric paint to re-colour it from white to purple, matching into the tones used throughout the overall outfit and accessories used.

Pink Sunglasses

These were a gift, so I am not really sure where they are from, yet have owned them for a few years. I have been collecting pink sunglasses for a while now. Remember to look around and see what ones you like, as your choice always puts a personal touch on an outfit, a nod to your own style. Here are some examples of shops that sell some pretty cool affordable pink shades:


Nipple Pasties

The nipple pasties are from Typo, which actually are stickers! I just made them work to what I wanted to use them for. However, you can get custom nipple pasties made, so have a look, and shop around before just settling for anything. I thought these were perfect as they matched the Care Bear pillow and the stud on the bears bottoms. A lot of Etsy sellers can make custom nipple pasties for you, be sure to check some accounts out over there.

Note Pad and Bear Pen

When I was creating this look, I was trying to find things that were unique when styling all of this together, so I shopped around for a long time to try find some items I thought would be great to add in. I found a website that sold some affordable Care Bear accessories that worked really well in what I was going for; I straight away knew I had to have them. They are sold separately, so have a look at what fits and works best for you, for me it was the note pad and pen to use in creating these images.

I do love a prop, it works great and you can be playful with them in your photos, showcasing your personality too.

Purple Thong

Cute panties are a must when being a glamour model - sexy, sophisticated and shows a naughty side. Thongs are excellent for giving off exactly that, especially a high waisted strap. It shows off your curves and how prominent your hips are. I have very long legs so my hips sit quiet high, that's how I show off my hips and the way they stick out like that. Secret, always pull them higher so they sit above your hips to show how sexy your body and curves truly are.

Purple Cardigan

I chose to add in a purple cardigan rather than a simple top as it shows a different cozy, yet cute vibe into the mix. I like to make things different from the norm, so I always try to choose differently when selecting items or final touches for an outfit. This cardigan is from I Saw It First, they have great pieces on their site and when I saw this, it just clashed so well with everything I was going for.

Care Bear Iron Fist Pumps

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute these heels are! Like, Omg that face at the front! The detailing in these pumps is just to adorable. They are a set of heels I already owned, so that was just a magical moment when adding them into this look. They are now old stock from Iron Fist, so I was lucky that I already owned a pair. However, do not despair, you can still find these online from other owners who are selling them on, especially on Ebay. Keep looking and I hope you find a pair of your own, they are wonderful to have.

White Fishnets

You can pick up white fishnet's quite easily depending on how much you are willing to pay. Just search online for white fishnet stockings or tights so you can to add them to your own Care Bear inspired look. Alternatively, check out your local costume shop as they are always good for picking up accessories for a funky look or cosplay outfit. I have an XS stock near me, and I'm always in there shopping around trying to find the last piece of the puzzle to the costume I have been working on!

Care Bear Socks

I know that I have already added the fishnets stockings, however I felt that I needed to add the Care Bear logo somewhere on my legs to tie in whole outfit together. I found some Care Bear socks online and pulled them up over the stockings, which transformed the look straight away and separated the stockings from the pumps. I was really pleased how this turned out, it just made my legs look longer while adding another layer like this is such a harajuku move.

The socks are from Typo, the same website as the note pad, pen, heart pillow and nipple pasties (stickers) that I used. I know that a lot of different websites stock Care Bear socks, so here I have included a helpful list of some stockists that offer them:

- Background Created by @evesaraeden

Creating the Background

Using my creative skills as an artist I made my entire backdrop for this photo shoot myself. I used pink sheets to clash with the pink Care Bears and purple tones in the overall outfit, along with other additional items and products, giving the final touches to this set up. Keep reading to find out exactly what I used and where to get these things from to make this background.

The Bears

I am a huge fan of Care Bears and I collect my favourite anime and TV show plush toys, so it is no surprise that I already had three pink Care Bears - small, medium and a large which I used to decorate the area I had created for the shoot. It's always helpful and works out better when you are passionate about something, and you already have these products just to add in. I tied in two Care Bears into my look with the pink Love-A-Lot bear, and myself all in purple as Share Bear.

Pink Sheets

When creating the backdrop I used pink sheets that can be picked up from an online store, or a useful tip is to buy bed sheets from a local store that may sell pink bedding! That way you can dispose of them after or use them again for your bed! This is exactly what I did, it is a cheaper and efficient way to create a backdrop with ease.

Creating the Clouds

The clouds were made by using stuffing from a craft store. This material would typically be used for the inside of pillows or teddy bears. So I just picked up a bunch and pulled them into the shapes I wanted, and used tacks to pin them onto my pink sheet walls. A useful tip, if you can't source any craft stuffing, take out the inside of a pillow! It works just as well, and you already own it, so no money spent at all!

Additional Accessories

When you are creating a certain inspired look, adding in some additional accessories can just be the cherry on the top. For me, I picked up some affordable add-ons to put into my set. I found some coloured balloons that matched my set, I spread them around to give it an extra pop in my Care bear look for some of the images. Sometimes putting in a hairpiece can also be a good idea to top off any look; I used purple fur pom pom balls which I got online and attached hair clips to them, holding them in place making it look like I had the Care Bear 'bear' ears.

I also added in round swirl lollipops, I do secretly have an unhealthy relationship with lollipops, they are one of my favourite sweets! This was my own personal touch to the set, you should always add in what makes you 'you', and a personal touch is a good way of showing your character. Additionally, I found a box full of all different colours online, and knew that it would go so well with the settling I was trying to create.

My Final Say

I absolutely adored making this Care Bear set up and kawaii outfit. Using the tools and creative skills I have to make such a cute aesthetic, and transforming just any outfit into a whole new vibe. I hope you have fun making your own or simply appreciating the effort and time I put into creating this style. You can see more of my pictures and even videos on my social media @evesaraeden. Let me know your thoughts, and even if you have any inquiries as to how to re-create my look, I will be more than happy to help out. Don't forget to subscribe to my female fashion blog to see and read more of my cosplay and/or outlandish creative styles and room setups.

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