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Dolls Kill Pure Arctic Angel Glitter Platform Boots

Dolls Kill is renowned for their extravagant and bold fashion, from their over the top footwear to the extraordinary names given to the products, it’s one brand known and loved by all. So lets take a look at these remarkable Club Exx Angel Glitter Boots from Dolls Kill in this in-depth article.

Dolls Kill Club Exx Angel Glitter Boots Review

Pure Arctic Angel Glitter Platform boots

You’ll find me on the stairway to heaven in these lush Club Exx platform winged boots. So I am always searching for the next angelic fashion piece to add to my collection. These understandably fit the bill! Platform boots decked out in the ultimate glitter, these sparking platform stompers are just head turning.

Club Exx Pure Arctic Angel Glitter Platform Boots are so extreme it’s a must have. If you are like me and have a massive Angelic wardrobe, or are a sucker for the ethereal, these iconic platform boots are everything you’ve been looking for! They have detachable glitter angel wings to style with any Icy outfit. They come equipped with extra long adjustable set of white rope laces to style whichever way you see fit, sleek side zips that fit to your leg so well and chunky block heels with cleated white soles, so far so good right?

With Club Exx known for their party, rave inspired fashion it’s no wonder these boots are always selling out fast. Strap on a pair of shimmering wings and a feathery halo with this footwear and you’ll be ready for Valentine’s, cosplays, raves and even an inspired angelic creator look.


These platform boots are in U.S sizing, so have a look at their size chart to make sure you have the right size for the perfect fit! I chose a US 5 which is the equivalent of a UK 3. It was a Cinderella moment, snug, cosy and the zip is just right when zipping up around your leg with ease. Overall I’d say size wise is on point, always make sure to correctly choose your true UK size with these boots before converting to US or vice versa.

Style With

Why not pair up your Icy Angelic look with some ethereal pieces from their online store such as-




Accessories :

Or even if you have a beloved pet that loves to play dress up with you, why not check out their range of pets fashion? Pair up and have your fur baby support you in heavens cheerleader pet hoodie.

I mean c’mon that’s just the cutest thing ever right? Or even maybe style these boots with something you already might have like:

  • A simple white dress
  • A classic glitter frock
  • A mini skirt with a corset top
  • Some knee high white socks and a spicy garter
  • A glam two piece set

Accessories such as:

  • A designer handbag
  • Some dazzling jewellery

Whichever you decide these opalescent boots will top it off. As a female style blogger I recommend always having your nails to match and a glitter eye for that check me out queen feeling; It’s always a confidence booster.


                         Dolls kill is a global online fashion brand, founded by Bobby Farahi & Shoddy Lynn in 2011. The online company is one of the Fastest Growing Retailers and are one of the top companies in San Francisco! They solely operate a retail website that sells clothing, shoes and accessories and features six collections showcased by “Dolls”. Dolls Kill is known for featuring Rave, Kawaii, Streetstyle, Goth, Angelic, aesthetic fashions and much much more, both on their website and social media platforms.

Club Exx is one of the many brands that you can find on Dolls Kill via their online store. Club Exx mainly focus on making that “extra” statement for ravers, club goers and festival lovers. They are a bold fashion brand, creating spunky yet inspiring looks for those who are looking to make a major statement. From slaying metallic bodysuits to shimmering sequins, out of this world bags and sexy lingerie. Looking at their brands merch, the saying “it’s a need not a want comes to mind”.


As a good quality product they are well made and sustainable. Obviously they are extra white will all that glitter so it is up to you to keep them clean and in great condition. However no fades or small marks on this footwear and packaging was tight so no damage in transit. These pure artic angel boots are so crystal the quality speaks for itself! The zipper is excellently fastened no rips or tears made with great fabric, and the materials used overall is in great order. I totally rate the quality of these boots 10/10!


If you are equipped to walk in 3″ platforms then you will have no issue. A comfortable insole that does not hurt your feet after hours of dancing is always a plus! They are high but manageable, just ensure they are laced up properly for that maximum comfort fit. I actually think the height gives you more of a balance in these platforms, it feels like there is more structure there to give you ease while walking. No slippy insoles, no toe crushing, just a nice fit feeling.

Value For Money

So let’s talk price, these alluring angelic boots come in at £135.00 (taxes & Duties Included), Is it worth it? Hell yes it is! No matter the occasion these boots will dazzle with any outfit you choose, you definitely pay for what you get. Obviously they are not designer prices, however as a premium product they overall are worth the money. So rest assured they are 100% worth every penny.

Final Say

  I have had so many compliments wearing these fabulous boots, in photo sets, videos, on social media and in person! Ready to wow? To put on that magical halo and dazzling boots, to be that innocent yet sexy angel for valentines? Or have an edgy styled outfit to rock, then these boots should already be in your online basket! Get clicking purchase already!


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