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Review Of My-Picture Print And Mug Designs

Review Of My-Picture Print And Mug Designs

Personalised printed gifts have gained popularity in recent years, allowing us to showcase some of our favourite photos around the home instead of just hidden away on our phones or hard drives! My-Picture is one of the leading brands offering this style of product – read on to find out more!

My-Picture offers a wide range of different items you can personalise using your own imagery, from the typical canvas prints and calendars all the way up to jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats and even linen and pillowcases. With so much on offer, it was difficult to narrow it down to what I wanted! In the end, I went for the classics – framed photo print and premium mug!

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Framed Photo Print

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I chose the framed photo print as I felt it was the perfect way to showcase one of my own personal photos (in this case, a picture of holly during the winter period, as it is one of my favourite seasons!).

To place your order is as simple as choosing your size and style and uploading one of your photos directly to the website order page, either using your smartphone or desktop/laptop computer. The website handily directs you to the most suitable dimensions when determining your print size, especially if the file is not that large (otherwise, your final print may appear too blurry!).

In my case, I picked out one of the larger sizes available (60 X 40cm) to ensure it would be visible from a distance, which also boasts that timeless landscape design too! Next up is frame choice; this was a no brainer, and I selected the “Oak Walnut Flair” style, which complements my home decor perfectly.

When the parcel arrived, it was packed nice and sturdy within heavy duty double thick card to protect the cargo inside (if anything, it was quite the task opening it up!). The framed photograph features a beautiful print quality, framed within a white border and includes an acrylic glass panel to protect the print from damage such as dust or those troublesome fingerprints! It is undoubtedly a quality product which I am more than happy to have hanging on my wall.

Personalised Photo Mug

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As with the framed print, the entire process was simple and almost identical; the only real difference was positioning the image onto the mug to ensure it sits just how you want. There were four choices of mug to choose from – classic, premium, enamel and magic (which is one of those cool cup ideas in which the image appears slowly as you fill with hot water). I decided on the premium design for my order, which, again like the framed print, would suit my home and lifestyle more effectively.

The order arrived quickly, packaged within a sturdy box (protecting it from any bumps and bangs along its journey). The mug boasts a high level of quality thanks to the stunning porcelain used in the construction (which additionally has the bonus of the printed design being safe from dishwasher use and microwave proof too!).

My chosen print was of my cat – Sebastian, who is sporting some festive tinsel! The quality of the image is sublime, showing off every detail and pop of colour in the photograph.


The procedure of selecting my chosen item from their extensive collection, uploading the images, and receiving the final products was overall very user-friendly. There is nothing that could be improved to enhance the process. Price-wise, again, the quality on offer is exemplary compared to the competition in the same field.

If you are currently in the market for a personalised print company to showcase your best photography around your home, I highly recommend My-Picture as your first point of call.

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