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My Fallen Angel Style

My Fallen Angel Style

If you adore the angelic and heavenly, you will appreciate my current style – a fallen angel. Bathing myself in celestial white and beige tones, what’s not to like? Continue reading to find out more and see many more photos!

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As I have re-invented my style to that of a fallen angel, my clothing will be mostly whites, creams and beiges in keeping with the style of the divine.

This set of photos, in particular, features me adorned with transparent beige underwear with a feathered boa draped across me. My gorgeous glittery gold boots from Public Desire add a hint of glamour to the overall style. To finish, I chose my favourite pair of feathered angel wings with a halo to complete this ethereal ensemble.

What are your thoughts on this new angelic style? I would love to hear what you think!


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