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Sunflower Bike Style

Sunflower Bike Style

Time for another outfit on my style blog – this time, I have included my beloved vintage bike to spice up the images!

I have always been a fan of vintage items, from fashion to furniture and everything in between. So it comes as no surprise that I have immense love for my vintage Raleigh bike (from the 70s); despite its years, it is in excellent condition; any flaws from age and time only add it its overall visual appeal.


I picked out one of my favourite dresses for my outfit, crafted out of a mix of off-white cotton and lace; this all-in-one piece boasts a timeless design thanks to its floaty style and elegant design. I included my frilly lace socks into the mix, too, paired with my Calvin Klein slip-on sneakers (a necessity with bike riding!). I brought along some fresh sunflowers adding a pop of colour into the imagery.

Do you like my newest look? Please let me know in the comments below!

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